Mr Darren Leckie - 07 August 2018

It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Mr Darren Leckie on July 31st 2018, after losing his battle with cancer.

Our sincere condolonces to his family and friends.

The Funeral will be at Semington Crematorium at 1.00pm on Thursday 16th of August, then to The Hunters Moon, Warminster.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) - 06 August 2018

Due to the introduction of GDPR there have been some changes made to forms and paperwork within the Centre. The main two are Centre Rally Booking Slips and the forms that Rally Officers to use to provide details of proposed rallies, other changes will occur over time.

The new version of the Centre Rally Booking Slip can be downloaded from

Rally Booking Forms

or obtained from any Committee member.

The new proforma for Rally Officers is available on the "Rally Draft 2019" page, or will be sent out by the Rally Secretary on request.

All members are encouraged to use the new forms to ensure we remain compliant with GDPR 2018

Thank you,

Centre Secretary

Wessex 2018 - 25 July 2018

The 25th Wessex Rally takes place over the August Bank Holiday 2018. The Centre would like to make a concerted effort to bring back some silverware this year!! Full details of the Rally, a booking form, and details of all the competitions can be found at

Wessex Rally

If you want more details, please contact any committee member. If you can help us win, then so much the better !! Not only is it competition time, it is also a rally with lots going on and evening entertainment as well, including a Barn Dance, Live Band, Comedian and of course the "Wessex Entertains", so please consider joining us.

The next "Wessex Practice" is the Semington Rally 10-12 August 2018

Fellowship Plaques - 14 March 2018

In view of the reduced number of rallies in this years Rally Book, and that cancellations have already occurred, the Committee have decided that the qualifying number of Wiltshire Rallies required for the award of a Fellowship Plaque is reduced to 12 (twelve) Wiltshire Rallies between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018

Please amend pages 66 & 67 of your Rally Book.

This figure will now be reviewed annually, at the time of publication of the Rally Book.

2018 Rally Book errors - 25 February 2018

Despite thorough checking a few errors have crept into the 2018 Rally Book, this is unsurprising given the complexity of the document.

A list of the errors notified so far are available at the "Rally Book 2018" link on the right hand side.

Should you spot any other errors please inform any Committee member so this list can be updated for the benefit of all members.