Wessex Practice - Langley Burrell - 17 April 2018

At the Wessex Practice Rally at Langley Burrell (18-20 May 2018) it is planned to have a "Master Class" demonstration of the art of Flower Arranging, so that members may take part at the Wessex.

It is also suggested that members may wish to practice the "Cheery Maderia Cake" and donate their results to an "Afternoon Tea" to be held on the Rally. It is hoped that the same will be done with the scones recipe for the June practice. Recipes are available to download at Wessex Rally Rules in the section "Individual Events", or from the co-ordinators.

All members who are considering attending the Wessex will be welcome at the practice rallies, where any aspect of the Wessex can be discussed.

Let's have a big push and ensure we bring home the silverware this time !!

Fellowship Plaques - 14 March 2018

In view of the reduced number of rallies in this years Rally Book, and that cancellations have already occurred, the Committee have decided that the qualifying number of Wiltshire Rallies required for the award of a Fellowship Plaque is reduced to 12 (twelve) Wiltshire Rallies between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018

Please amend pages 66 & 67 of your Rally Book.

This figure will now be reviewed annually, at the time of publication of the Rally Book.

Centre Committee - 25 February 2018

The Committee is pleased to announce the co-option of Mr John Goff to the Centre Committee.

Mr Goff is a long time member of the Centre who rallies regularly.

His experience and enthusiasm will be of great benefit to the Centre.

With this co-option the Committee is now up to full strength.

2018 Rally Book errors - 25 February 2018

Despite thorough checking a few errors have crept into the 2018 Rally Book, this is unsurprising given the complexity of the document.

A list of the errors notified so far are available at the "Rally Book 2018" link on the right hand side.

Should you spot any other errors please inform any Committee member so this list can be updated for the benefit of all members.

2018 Wiltshire Centre Rally Books - 25 February 2018

Distribution of the 2018 Rally Book to those who requested a copy is now complete.

If you wish to receive a 2018 Wiltshire Centre Rally Book please return the Rally Book Request Slip, enclosed with the Event Card you have been sent, to the address on the slip. You will receive your Rally Book shortly thereafter.