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Chairmans Message

As your chairman, may I extend a warm welcome to everyone young and not so
young, who continue to support our Centre rallies.
For any new CAMC members, that are considering joining for a weekend or
holiday rally but are unsure of its attraction, come on give it a go and see what
rallying has to offer. Rallying is a perfect way to visit venues and great locations
that are generally unavailable to non-members providing extremely good value
for your hard-earned income, compared against the cost of other site fees.
The Wiltshire Centre strives to extend a warm welcome, which will become
apparent on arrival as the officers, who have put a lot of time and effort in to
ensuring everyone has a good time, will assist you to your pitch and give any
help, should this be required.
All the officers give up their time voluntarily to bring together the rally content
for all to enjoy, this coming year is no exception. I would take this opportunity
to thank our rally officers for supporting the centre and hope all of your rallies go
as planned. Thank you.
As everyone knows, a Centre is only viable if there is a strong and willing
committee to fulfil the positions available. For my second year as chairman, I’m
pleased to announce that we have a full committee. This will help to ensure the
Wiltshire Centre remains viable for the 2023 season.
My charity for this coming year will be Macmillan Cancer Support, this will be in
memory of all past Centre members, family and friends, that we have lost to
Finally in 2024, 60 years will have passed since the Wiltshire Centres
inauguration in 1964, so to celebrate this tremendous milestone a rally will take
place at Charlton Park, Nr Malmesbury over the May bank holiday weekend.
So may I wish everyone a successful 2023 rally season and look forward to
joining you on the rally field.
Best wishes