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Rally Booking Terms and Conditions

There are two types of rally deposits:

a.    Pre-payment (pre-paid) – where either the full payment or a large proportion is required before the rally, or

b.   General deposit – a standard payment of £10 is required for all other rallies.

In both instances, Bank Transfer (BACS/Faster Payment) is the preferred method of payment, in order to keep Bank charges to a minimum. Please contact the Treasurer or the Rally Officer if this causes a problem.


Pre-payment (pre-paid) deposits

1.   This may be the entire cost of the rally or just the Social event organised at that rally. This may range from 50p up to the total cost.

2.   All pre-paid deposits will be refundable less any expenses incurred on behalf of the rallier.  This may range from just the admin fee to any costs incurred for any Social event tickets that the rally officer is unable to resell.

3.   Any pre-paid deposits paid by cheque should be banked and forwarded to the Treasurer without delay and are not to be held by the Rally Officer. Cheques are not valid if post-dated.

General deposits

1.   The deposit paid will be used as part payment towards that rally if paid by Bank Transfer.

2.   If paid by cheque, this can be dated to the start date of the rally, or left blank, and used as part payment or returned to the rallier upon arrival at the rally.

3.   The deposit will be banked as a “forfeited deposit” if cancellation is made within 14 days of the rally, or in the event of a non-arrival.

4.   If cancellation is made more than 14 days prior to the rally, or in the event of the Rally being cancelled by the Committee (Rally Officer) due to weather or any other circumstances, mutual agreement is made for the return of the deposit (via the Treasurer, Rally Officer and Rallier). This is on the assumption that no other costs have been incurred on behalf of the rallier.

Deposits for the following years rallies paid at the AGM may be paid either by BACS (preferred method) or via a dated/undated cheque.

If you cancel a rally due to ill-health or bereavement, the Centre Committee will consider a full refund, if so requested. This will be at the Centre Committee discretion and considered on a case by case basis.

All members booking a rally undertake to reimburse the Centre for any expenses incurred on their behalf that are not covered by any deposit amount, whether they attend the rally or not.

All members booking a rally undertake to abide by the CAMC and Wiltshire Centre rules and regulations. All members booking a rally accept that THE ORGANISERS ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROPERTY OF PEOPLE ATTENDING THE RALLY.

This document may be downloaded in PDF format if required.