South West Centres - 08 August 2019

Following the resignation of the incumbent Secretary, the South West Centres, (formerly known as the Wessex Rally), are in urgent need of a new Secretary.

Should you be willing to take on this important task, or know of anyone willing to do so, please contact the Chairman, Mr Alan Parkinson at:

Summer Fun by the Sea Rally - August Bank Holiday - 25 July 2019

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the venue for this rally has changed to "Ebdon Bow, Weston Super Mare" and it now opens on Friday 23rd August.

Please see the "Rallies" page for correct directions to the new site.

Any further questions please contact the Rally Officers.

First Ralliers - A Report - 01 May 2019

The Centre has received a letter from a "First Rallier" which we publish in the hope that it might encourage other "First Timers" to join us on the Rally Field

First Ralliers

Names have only been redacted to comply with GDPR 2018 !!

2019/2020 New Year Rally - 03 April 2019

2019/2020 New Year Rally at Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth

Planning for this prestigious event is well underway, and we are now able to publish most of the information

Full details can be found under "Rallies", Rally number 43

At the moment it's the very last rally in the list !!

A four page copy of the itinerary, in .PDF form, which includes menu choices and costs, can be viewed or downloaded from : 2019 New Year Itinerary

A list of the menu choices, which should be included with your booking form, is downloadable from here : 2019 New Year Menu Choices

Please note: Full payment to be made by the AGM (13 October 2019)

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) - 06 August 2018

Due to the introduction of GDPR there have been some changes made to forms and paperwork within the Centre. The main two are Centre Rally Booking Slips and the forms that Rally Officers to use to provide details of proposed rallies, other changes will occur over time.

The new version of the Centre Rally Booking Slip can be downloaded from

Rally Booking Forms

or obtained from any Committee member.

The new proforma for Rally Officers is available on the "Rally Draft 2020" page, or will be sent out by the Rally Secretary on request.

All members are encouraged to use the new forms to ensure we remain compliant with GDPR 2018

Thank you,

Centre Secretary