Revised Rally Booking Forms - 26 November 2019

The Rally Booking Form has been revised to include a section to indicate if any member of a rallier’s family holds a "Blue Badge", as, given that information, Rally Officers can pre-plan where members will be sited. This may, on some sites, assist such members and make their rallying experience that much more enjoyable. It must be accepted however, that on some sites it is not possible to make any significant allowance for such members.

Members NOT holding a "Blue Badge" may wish to continue to use existing booking forms until their stock has been used, holders of such a badge may wish to commence using the new forms with immediate effect.

The Committee would be pleased to hear of any further ideas that could enhance the rallying experience of those with mobility, or other, issues.

New versions are available to download here : Rally Booking Forms

Centre AGM 2019 - 14 October 2019

The Centre AGM took place on Saturday 12 October 2019

There were no Motions put forward for discussion.

There were 12 Nominations for 14 places on Committee, so no vote was required

After the meeting two members offered their services as co-opted members; Mrs Jan Palmer and Mrs Heather Hawkins. The Committee accepted their offers and they were co-opted on to Committee with immediate effect.

Rally Bookings - 12 September 2019

Due to changes required by CAMC Head of Governance, the Centre Rally Booking Slip has been revised. New versions are available to download here : Rally Booking Forms

All members are requested to commence using the new forms with immediate effect. If "old" slips are used it will be assumed that members have NOT "opted out" of the data sharing.

If you use a "personalised" slip and have any problems transferring the information to the new slips, the Secretary is willing to help if required.

We are also now required to publish the Terms and Conditions that apply to each and every Rally Booking. These terms and conditions can be viewed/downloaded here : Terms and Conditions. This document is in PDF format.

Should any members have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the Secretary.

First Ralliers - A Report - 01 May 2019

The Centre has received a letter from a "First Rallier" which we publish in the hope that it might encourage other "First Timers" to join us on the Rally Field

First Ralliers

Names have only been redacted to comply with GDPR 2018 !!

2019/2020 New Year Rally - 03 April 2019

2019/2020 New Year Rally at Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth

Planning for this prestigious event is well underway, and we are now able to publish most of the information

Full details can be found under "Rallies", Rally number 43

A four page copy of the itinerary, in .PDF form, which includes menu choices and costs, can be viewed or downloaded from : 2019 New Year Itinerary

A list of the menu choices, which should be included with your booking form, is downloadable from here : 2019 New Year Menu Choices

Please note: Full payment should have been made by the AGM (13 October 2019)

This rally is now full