Covid-19 and Rallying - Latest Update - Monday, July 26, 2021

Latest information on Covid-19 restrictions from Club:

Updates on current Covid-19 restrictions for the four UK nations and the Republic of Ireland are explained below.

Even though Covid regulations have been relaxed by the UK government, please remember that the pandemic is not over, Covid is still prevalent and all Centres should remain vigilant and take precautions when necessary. The Club has a duty of care to our volunteer members that run Centre events, and Club members that attend rallies. There may sometimes be a slight difference in the guidance operated on Club sites, however, we try to mirror them as much as possible.

More importantly, please be respectful of all members’ concerns, whether you agree with them or not.

1 All Covid-19 restrictions will cease in line with Government advice. However, we encourage Centres to continue to adopt health & safety regimes that include promoting the use of hand sanitiser and social distancing in enclosed areas.

2 Centre Committees and Rally Officers need to be aware of members and ralliers’ sentiments and ensure that all members are considered. Some members will still wish to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces. Please be mindful of people’s personal space.

3 All Centre Rally Officers are required to complete Risk Assessments for all Centre events and it is expected that general health and safety concerns around Covid will be covered within this document. Specific Covid Risk Assessments will no longer need to be sent into the Governance Office in advance of the event now that they form part of the wider risk assessment carried out and maintained by the Rally Officer.

4 The Club encourages all members to support the Government’s Test and Trace scheme and that you continue to keep track of who is on a rally should they need to be contacted. Please note that this is not mandatory and some members may wish to opt-out.

Rally Programme Update - 28 June 2021 - Monday, June 28, 2021

We are pleased to announce an addition to the 2021 Rally programme. There will now be a Rally at Charlton from 24th - 26th September to say "farewell" to our Chairman of the last 4 years (for details use the "Rallies" tab at the top of the page).

This rally will also include the "Illuminated Window" competition for 2021, so along with the rescheduled Photographic Competition which is taking place at the same time as the Observation Rally at Calne from 6th - 8th August, and the Rally Book Cover Competition at the AGM in October, we now have venues for the remaining Centre competitions, although the Driving Competition has been cancelled, all we now need is for Centre members to participate !!

The Junior Handicraft competitions will also take place at the Observation Rally in Calne

All competitions are open to all Centre members, and everyone is welcome to join in to compete for these prestigious trophies!! Full details of the competitions can be found on pages 55-58 of the 2021 Centre Rally Book

Rally Book 2021

Latest Updates to Other Rallies

Frome - Cheese Show - 10-12 September 2021 - Tickets for the Cheese Show are ONLY available by pre-purchase from the Show's website Frome Cheese Show and are limited in number, although this may change.

Newsletter - 107 - Spring 2021 - Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The latest Newsletter can be viewed/downloaded from either the link on the right - Newsletters

or directly from this link - Newsletter 107 - Spring 2021

Due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions and the low number of attendees on rallies, this Newsletter will not be produced in printed format.

Committee Members - Friday, May 7, 2021

It is with regret that we announce the resignations from Committee of Mrs Donna Maynard and Mrs Heather Hawkins. These are for personal reasons which the Committee fully understand.

This leaves the Centre Committee three members short. A full Committee greatly enhances the running of the Centre, so, if you wish to be considered for co-option on to the Committee to join us in the management of the Centre for the benefit of its members, please contact the Chairman or Secretary, who can provide more details of what we do and when.

Fellowship Plaques - Friday, May 7, 2021

The Committee have decided that a) due to it's suspension last year through Covid-19 and b) the limited number of Centre Rallies this year, that the Fellowship Plaque system has "run its course" and will be discontinued with immediate effect.

A replacement system will be discussed at a future Committee meeting. If YOU have any ideas for a system that would encourage more members to attend more rallies, please pass them to any Committee member.