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Payment for Rallies

Wiltshire Centre –  Payment for Rallies

Rallies may be paid for in the following ways

  • General deposit – a standard payment of £10 paid at the time of booking
  • Full balance paid prior to arrival at the rally (or a remaining balance).

In both instances, Bank Transfer (BACS/Faster Payment) is the preferred method of payment, in order to keep Bank charges to a minimum. Please contact the Treasurer or the Rally Officer if this causes a problem.

It is important the Treasurer and the Rally Officers concerned know who, and how much, has been paid on each occasion, so that reconciliation of the Rally Accounts and the Centre bank accounts can happen as quickly as possible.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Make the payment to: CAMC Wiltshire Centre
    Sort code: 40-08-28
    Account number: 81541072
    Payment Reference: EITHER Insert rally number from Rally Book (If booking via a rally slip) OR use the transaction I.D from the website (When booking online)
  2. If you have booked via a rally slip, please follow below steps 4 & 5
  3. If you have booked via the website please ignore steps 4 & 5 (The website automatically informs the Secretary and the Rally Officers as soon as you make the booking)
  4. Send an email to:   With the following details: “Paid by Bank Transfer” then…..Your name, amount transferred, date payment made, which rally (date, name and number), purpose (deposit/balance/full payment).
  5. Contact the Rally Officer (email/phone/text) with the same information.

NOTE:  If booked via a rally slip for a rally, then the Rally Booking Slip MUST be posted/emailed to the Rally Officer.

If you are unsure of how much to pay, please contact the Rally Officer before commencing this process.

Failure (or a delay) in sending this information, will cause confusion and a large amount of work trying to track down information for the Rally Officersb concerned and the Treasurer.

Please remember, all those running a Rally and the Committee are volunteers who give up their free time to enable us to rally, and an additional workload is unfair.

It is hoped that there may be an enhanced method of booking and paying for a rally in time, as technology improves. Please keep an eye on the website for these improvements and updates.