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Booking, Travel & Arrival


To book on any rally, book online via our website, fill in one of the slips in the centre of your Rally Book or print off a copy from the Website (you can find a link at the end of this page) and post it with a deposit and/or other details if requested by the rally write up, to the named rally officer. Don’t forget to fill in all the details requested on the slip and to sign it before posting. If you have to cancel for any reason, please do contact the Rally Officer and inform him/her. 

If you make a booking via the website please consider the option to register an account on checkout. Choosing this option will mean that future bookings will require you to supply less information, and make the whole process much faster. You can checkout as a guest if you prefer not to register an account, but it may mean you will need to repeat information in the future if you book another Rally.

Travel and Arrival

When your Rally weekend or holiday arrives, follow the directions in the Rally write-up, which will guide you to the vicinity of the Rally. When you are close to the site, you will see the yellow Wiltshire Centre signs (refer to your Rally Book for details) at the side of the road. These will guide you into the site. On arrival, you will find the Rally Officers waiting for you at the Rally Office. This will normally be the first caravan inside the site and will be marked with the ‘RALLY OFFICE’ sign. Once you have booked in, you will be handed an envelope containing the programme for the weekend, sometimes a competition and of course your Rally Plaque as a memento of your visit. The Rally Officer will show you to your pitch where you will be requested to park with the front offside corner of your caravan on the marker and to park your car on on the offside of your caravan. You will be shown where the fresh water tap is and the elsan disposal. 


Please do not arrive earlier than the time stated in the Rally write-up. There is always a good reason for the opening time stated by the Rally Officer. Always take a look at your map against the location details provided in the Rally write-up. This can save you a lot of time and frustration later on, especially if you are arriving in the dark.