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Centre Registration


Renewal of your Centre Registration / Membership

Centre Membership must be renewed every year at the time of your Caravan And Motorhome Club
renewal – it is NOT automatic with your CAMC renewal.

The only acceptable record of Centre Membership is the full electronic database sent to the Secretary every five weeks, with any changes notified every Friday. If you are not on the database, then you are not a Centre Member at that time.

There are three ways in which your membership can be renewed

1) Completing and returning the slip that accompanies your Caravan And Motorhome Club Renewal Documents. This may take several weeks to be entered on the database, and no acknowledgement is sent.

2) Telephone the Contact Centre at Club Headquarters. This can take some time as the lines are often busy, and should only be used as a “last resort”. The database should be updated fairly quickly, but no confirmation is sent.

3) The fastest and easiest method is via the Club’s Website. This link will take you to the log-in screen then directly to the Centre Membership page.

CAMC – Centre Membership Details

This can also be reached by the following steps from the main CAMC page : Log-in, choose Membership, choose My Membership, scroll down to “Join a Centre”, choose Join or Renew, scroll down to “Your Centre Membership”.

If you are a current Centre Member you will see your registered Centre and your current expiry date and the first date from which you can renew. If you are within the renewal period, you will be offered the chance to renew. If you are not a Centre Member you will be offered the chance to join a Centre.

You cannot leave or change Centre on-line. You must call the Contact Centre.

Your information will change in “real time” and the Secretary will know on the next Friday update.

There have been problems for some members who renew by post and pay by cheque, some details have not been reaching the database.

Those members whose membership is due renewal in September or October need to be particularly aware of the timescale involved in each method of renewal if they wish to participate at the AGM.

Club Rules are very specific that you MUST be a registered member both 35 days prior to the AGM,
and at the time of the AGM

If in doubt as to your Centre membership status, you can confirm your renewal and / or expiry dates
either with Club by telephone or the website link given above, or via the Secretary.

For any further information please contact the Secretary