2021 Wiltshire Centre Rally Book

The 2021 Centre Rally Book is not being produced in "hard copy" this year, but will only be available in electronic "PDF" format

A "redacted" version of the 2021 Rally book, that has had all the relevant addresses removed can be viewed, downloaded or printed (both sides of 17 sheets of A4, heavy on coloured inks!!) from this link :

2021 Rally Book

The file is in PDF format and is quite large. It may take a short while to load.

An "un-redacted" version, with addresses, will be emailed directly to bona-fide Centre members on request.

It is important that this version should NOT be published on any websites, or shared with others, as this could jeopardise the security of the Rally Officers, as it effectively announces when a Rally Officer will be away from home.

If you require an "un-redacted" version, please send your Name, CAMC Membership Number, Post Code, and registered e-mail address, by email, to the Centre Secretary.

Centre Secretary

Despite the best efforts of the Rally Book Editor and his team of proof readers, it is inevitable that in a document of this complexity some errors may occur. A full list of any errors will be published here. If you find any errors please inform the Secretary so this page can be updated for the benefit of all members.

The 2021 Rally Programme is also published on the website under "RALLIES" on the top bar.

updated to: 29 January 2021