2020 Wiltshire Centre Rally Book

Distribution of the 2020 Rally Book, to those who have requested a copy, is well under way, and should be completed by 26 January 2020

The 2020 Event Cards and Rally Book Request Slips were completed by 17 December 2019 and have all been posted out. If you have not received yours, and you are a registered member of the Wiltshire Centre, please contact the Secretary. New Centre members will receive theirs with their "Welcome" letter.

If you will require a Rally Book, please send your "Rally Book Request Slip" to the address on the slip. A copy of the Rally Book will then be posted to you

An electronic copy of the Rally Book will soon be available to download from here. Please note, the electronic version of the 2020 Rally Book will be redacted to remove all Rally Officers' addresses for security reasons

Despite the best efforts of the Rally Book Editor and his team of proof readers, it is inevitable that in a document of this complexity some errors may occur. A full list of any errors will also be published here.

The 2020 Rally Programme is also published on the website under "RALLIES" on the top bar, although a few still have some details missing. Once the web master is informed of those details the descriptions will be amended

updated to: 19 January 2020