2021 Wiltshire Centre Rally Book

The 2021 Centre Rally Book is not being produced in "hard copy" this year, but will only be available in electronic "PDF" format

It is planned that the 2021 copy of the Rally Book will be available to download from here, shortly after the deferred AGM.

There will be 2 versions:

1. A "redacted" version, with all Rally Officers' addresses removed for security reasons, will be published on this website and may be downloaded and printed should you wish.

2. An "un-redacted" version, with addresses, will be emailed directly to bona-fide Centre members on request. This version should NOT be published or distributed to others, as this could jeopardise the security of the Rally Officers

If you require an "un-redacted" version, please send your Name, CAMC Membership Number, Post Code, and registered e-mail address, by email, to the Rally Book Editor.

The 2021 Rally Programme is also published on the website under "RALLIES" on the top bar, although a few still have some details missing. Once the web master is informed of those details the descriptions will be amended

updated to: 30 December 2020