Payment for Rallies

We have been informed by the Bank that from 1st November 2021 we will be charged 40p for every cheque processed, whist this is a relatively small amount, given the number of cheques handled in a year it adds up to a significant charge. The Bank is also charging a percentage on all cash paid in.

In order to minimize these costs, payments can be made by Bank Transfer, which is the preferred method, although cheques and cash are still acceptable if there is no alternative.

This will allow members to pay both the deposit and the balance, or the full amount, prior to arrival on the Rally. Not only will this reduce the costs to the Centre, it will also lessen the workload of Rally Officers who do not have a bank nearby, as is becoming more and more common.

It is most important that both the Treasurer (to reconcile the accounts) and the Rally Officers know who, and how much, has been paid on each occasion, so the following procedure MUST be followed.

1) Make the payment to: - CAMC Wiltshire Centre
Sort Code: - 40-08-28
Account number: - 81541072
Reference: - Rally # (insert rally number from rally book)

2) Send an email to: -
with the following details: - "Paid by Bank Transfer" then … Your Name, amount transferred, which Rally (date, name and number), purpose (deposit/balance/full payment),

3) Contact the Rally Officer (email/phone/text) with the same information.
This can be done quite simply by including both the Rally Officer and the Treasurer as addressees in the same email.
NOTE: If this is a deposit/booking for a rally then a Rally Booking Slip MUST be posted/emailed to the Rally Officer as well.

If unsure on how much to pay then contact the Rally Officer before commencing this procedure.

If these simple steps are not adhered to, the Treasurer and Rally Officer will not know who has paid what, or when, resulting in confusion and large amounts of work chasing down information being required. This will not be acceptable as these members are already giving up their time to enable you to rally, and the additional workload is simply unfair.

All members are encouraged to use this method of payment as it reduces costs and workload significantly.

N Riley
Wiltshire Centre

This document can be viewed/downloaded/printed as a .PDF from Payment for Rallies if a "hard copy" is required.