Rally Programme 2022

To view/download the draft 2022 Rally Calendar please use the following link:

2022 Rally Calendar

Rally Officers Proforma

To obtain the latest version of Rally Officers proforma, please click on the link below, you should then be given the option to either view the file or to download it. This version is GDPR compliant and should be used rather than any previous versions. The proforma is in Microsoft Office .xlsx format.

When complete this proforma should be emailed to the Rally Secretary. It is used, in its electronic format, by both the Rally Book Editor and the Webmaster, for next years Rally Book and webpages

Rally Officers Proforma

Planning a Rally

Should you be considering running a rally and require any help or advice, please contact the Rally Secretary. There is also a Centre publication - "How to Run a Rally" - which gives all the latest guidance and advice. Copies available from the Secretary

Letter of Introduction

A "Letter of Introduction", that outlines what we do, and what we need for a rally, has been produced by the Rally Secretary. This may be useful when approaching a new land owner with the objective of running a rally on their land.

It can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the link:

Introduction Letter