Covid-19 - Latest Information - Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Latest information from CAMC

This is the latest information received from CAMC and is mandatory for all Centres:

Please note that all Centre rallies and events arranged for February 2021 will not be able to go ahead, therefore please take the necessary actions to inform members and cancel any planned rallies.

At this moment we still do not know when we will be able to start any activities again and I will update you all at the end of February about March rallies, and then monthly after that until we have a clear date out of lockdown and restrictions. We will continually monitor the UK government and devolved nations governments advice on this matter.

You may be interested to know that all of the Scottish Centres have decided to cancel all of their rallies until the end of May with the remaining uncertainty around lockdown and ongoing restrictions, and we fully support their decision.

Any further updates will be published as soon as they are received.

CAMC - Rally Supplement - Thursday, January 14, 2021

Centre Rallies Supplement 2021

As you are probably aware, the 2021 CAMC Rally Supplement is not being printed and distributed this year, but is only being made available electronically.

It is available for download directly from the CAMC website, but for your convenience a .PDF copy can be viewed/downloaded directly from this link :

CAMC - Centre Rallies Supplement 2021

2021 Rally Calendar/Payments - Thursday, December 10, 2020

The 2021 Rally Programme Event Card has now been emailed to all members. Further copies, and the calendar itself, can be viewed/downloaded from Rally Programme 2021

The website database (Rallies on the top bar) has been updated with the details of most rallies, it is hoped we will be able to update the few remaining very shortly.

Members may book rallies immediately if they wish, rally booking forms are available from Rally Booking Forms but you are reminded of the Rally Booking Terms & Conditions which includes the requirement for deposits.

Deposits can be paid by cheque or bank transfer, but members are required to abide by the instructions contained in Payment for Rallies to ensure your payment is accurately linked with the intended rally. It is NOT the Treasurers responsibility to track down an incorrectly referenced payment. Until the Rally Book is published please use the Rallies database to ascertain the "Rally Number"

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Important Information - Sunday, November 22, 2020

At the November Committee meeting the following decisions were taken which will affect all Centre Members. Formal notification by email, with fuller details, has been sent to all members.

If you did not receive this email, and you believe you should have, please,
1) Check the "spam" folder of your email client (many ISPs treat anything from a "secretary" as spam),
2) Check the email details registered with CAMC (please note that due to the Data Protection Act 2018 the secretary cannot make any changes for you, only you have the access required.)

1. The deferred 2020 AGM to be held on 9th January 2021 will now be a fully "virtual" meeting on the "Zoom" platform, pre-registration will be neccesary.

2. The 2021 "Event Card" will not be distributed in printed format but will be emailed to all members in PDF format.

3. The 2021 "Rally Book" will not be produced in printed format. The normal "redacted" book in PDF format will be published on the website. Members wishing an "unredacted" version to print themselves can request one, via email, from the Rally Book Editor

4. Due to the deferment of the AGM, the rule that rallies cannot be booked until after the AGM is withdrawn for this year. Members may book 2021 rallies with immediate effect.(The 2021 Rally Calendar is available to download from the sidebar, the website rally programme (Rallies on the top bar) has the details of most rallies, it is hoped we will be able to update the few outstanding details very shortly)

Documents relevant to the AGM, including copies of both emails sent to all members, a Revised Calling Notice, and the latest Nominations and Motions updates, can be viewed from this link, AGM 2020 or the one on the righthand sidebar