Centre Rallies - 9th August 2020 - Sunday, August 9, 2020

Centre Rallies - Latest update

We have been informed by Club that rallies may recommence from 7th August 2020 provided a substantial set of rules can be adhered to. These include the requirement for the Rally Officers to submit a "Covid-19 risk assessment" seven working days prior to the event for Club approval, the provision of "sanitisation stations", a sanitisation procedure for water taps and elsan points, and the requirement for the Rally Officers to "demonstrate that adequate steps have been taken to oversee the safety of those present at the event and minimise the risk of transmission of the virus." There are also many restrictions on what can, and cannot, occur during the Rally. There are to be no Social functions and no "Flag" proceedings.

The Committee fully accept that these requirements may be too onerous for many of our volunteer Rally Officers and will fully support any Rally Officers who decide to cancel their rallies.

We are still awaiting advice from Club regarding Centre AGMs. Any information will be published here as soon as it is available.

Cancellations to date:

"Curling" at Rowdeford
"Sample of Spain" at Semington
"2nd Leg Fishing" at Rode
"Frome Cheese Show" at Frome
"Macmillan Cakes" at Charleton
"Chairman's Farewell" at Charleton
"Skittles" at Biddestone
"Fire & Freeze" at Berwick St James

The Upper Thames Centre have cancelled both the "Christmas Cracker" and the "New Year" rallies

The Avon Centre and the Gloucester Centre have cancelled all rallies up to the end of September 2020

The Pentewan Holiday Rally on a Commercial Site is now full

Any Rally Officers who feel unable to run their proposed rallies are requested to contact the Rally Secretary.

All Centre Competitions for 2020 will not take place, but will be "held over" to 2021.

Copies of both the "Covid-19 Secure Guidance" and the "Risk Assessment" forms can be viewed/downloaded from


or from the link on the righthand side

Payment for Rallies - Sunday, June 21, 2020

Whilst most members pay deposits for rallies by cheque, and many pay the balance on arrival by another cheque, it is appreciated that an increasing number of members no longer have access to cheques. It is not possible, at this time, to setup a fully on-line credit/debit card payment system as the security requirements of the Data Protection Act (2018) cannot be met.

In order to accommodate those members a system is to be trialled whereby payments can be made by Bank Transfer.

Details of the trial can be found by clicking the "Payment for Rallies" link at the bottom on the right hand side, or from this link to the .PDF

Payment for Rallies

Newsletter No 106 - Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spring Newsletter 2020

The Spring newsletter is published under the link on the right, or here:

Newsletter 106 Spring 2020

Due to the cancellation of all rallies until at least the end of June, there will not be a printed version published.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Indoors.

Committee Vacancy - Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Mrs Jan Palmer from Committee for personal reasons. We would like to record our thanks for the work she has done whilst being a part of the Committee

This leaves a vacancy on the Committee, if anyone would like to be considered for co-option to Committee please contact either the Chairman or the Secretary

A full Committee is an essential element for the smooth running of the Centre, so a volunteer would be greatly appreciated.