After serving many years on committee, I am very proud to become your Centre Chairman this year and hope I live up to your expectations and the high standards achieved in previous years.

We also welcome a new face to the committee this year and together as a team I am confident we will continue to do the best we can for the Centre. I would like to thank the committee members for volunteering their time, energy and expertise to ensure the Centre runs smoothly.

This year is a Wessex year, not only that but it is a special Wessex year being the 25th running of this rally. Let’s all get together and go for it, and get Wiltshire on the silverware, whilst enjoying the rally.

Our Rally Secretary and the Rally Book Editor have worked tremendously hard throughout the year to produce both the rally program and this book. I cannot extend enough thanks to all who have volunteered to run rallies, in your own time and expense, there wouldn’t be any rallies without you, so thank you. If you haven’t run a rally yet and would be interested in doing so, please feel free to have a chat with any of the committee. You can make your rally your own by doing as much or as little as you like but it really is refreshing to have new people with new ideas. If you don’t feel confident to run a rally then why not offer to co-run with someone else to find your feet?

In order to continue supporting your Centre, don’t forget to re-register with the Wiltshire Centre when you renew your Caravan And Motorhome Club membership. Please note this can also be completed on line at the Club website.

I must also thank all our advertisers who have contributed to this year’s rally book and please ensure that you mention that you have seen their advert in the Rally Book.

It just leaves me to say that Liz and I look forward to seeing you all on the rally field in the coming year and I hope to welcome new ralliers and their families to the Wiltshire Centre too.